Brand creation

Creating a brand of organic growth stimulants

STIMULAX - when the name speaks for itself!

A unique stimulator of organic plant growth - it was with such an ambitious startup that a team of young men with burning eyes turned to us. We need a design, we have already come up with a name - Organic Green Power - they said.
And we plunged headlong into the wisdom of agriculture.
The product really was interesting. Unlike humic acid-based stimulants on the market, this stimulant was supposed to be manufactured using the latest unique technology, without adding any chemicals based on peat.
It remained beautiful to "pack" it.

The first thing we took up this name. The Organic Green Power proposed by the customer seemed to us too heavy, which we directly stated.
The name we wanted was sonorous, readable, easy to pronounce and, ideally, that it conveyed the main essence of the product - in this case, stimulation of plant growth.
Stimulation - STIMUL - STIMUL - this is the root from which we pushed off. From several variants of names we select STIMULAX. We check for patent purity - there are no similar names - you can register!
Getting to the design. First of all, we analyzed what is presented on the market. And here there are continuous “country still lifes”, a clumsy pile of vegetables and fruits.
To stand out against this background, we laid the idea of ​​simplicity, practicality, and visibility in the design. He had to look European, to be “his” for foreign markets.
For a successful start of sales, we also prepared for STIMULAX a wide range of promotional and presentation materials - catalogs, brochures, leaflets, presentations, business cards, designed a corporate website. In general, we completed the turnkey project!