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STATUS CHOCOLATE - temptation in a perfect shape.

Chocolate is a real temptation. He is born out of passion.

We crave it, dream about it and, in the end, taste it.

Well, when chocolate combines with alcohol - the perfect combination comes out!

Status Chocolate - such a tempting drink created by Petrus Alco. We were tasked with developing a brand communication to support the launch. As a brand slogan, we proposed the phrase “Chocolate temptation in perfect shape” - in the form of an alcohol drink with an enchanting chocolate flavor.

The basis of the advertising visual was the image of a girl personifying a chocolate temptation, conveyed in allegorical form. She beckons and offers to plunge into the chocolate temptation. The key visual became the basis of the advertising campaign and was adapted to the main media as part of the brand promotion.


For the SMM campaign, we proposed two key areas that could be filled with visuals. The first direction is #statusmoments, which shows the appropriate lifestyle, moments of enjoying a chocolate drink. The second direction #chocotime shows the product itself, options for its use in cocktails or as an ingredient in various culinary recipes. Both directions perfectly complement each other and create a holistic image of the brand.