Packaging restyling


"Spelaya" - taste of summer!

Sweet and tasty liqueur, which absorbed the juice of fruits and berries, is not just alcohol, but a delicious drink.
TM Ripe offers the same tasty liquors, but, as they say, they are met by clothes, but Ripe's design did not convey the goodies and juiciness.
Manufacturer TM "Spelaya" set us the task of restyling the brand.
The first thing we noticed was a somewhat outdated bottle, but embosing in the form of a coat of arms in its central part was especially embarrassing, which substantially “ate” the area of ​​etiquette.
The customer was not ready to abandon the existing bottle, since it is quite expensive to make a new form-kit, however, we agreed to wipe the emblem in the center of the bottle.

Product line

The main background of the new design is white. On it, fruits and berries look bright and juicy, the differentiation of assortment positions is clear and noticeable.
The line looks monolithic, which significantly increased the visibility of the brand on the shelves of outlets.
Restyling significantly strengthened the position of the brand in the market. “Spelaya” attracted new consumers with a modern design, while maintaining recognition among existing consumers.