Brand creation

Pure Tear - pure by nature!

What should be the design for vodka called "Pure Tear"?
The same clean, bright, not overloaded.
When developing the design of Pure Tear vodka, we took as a basis a white background, which maximizes the purity and naturalness. Differentiation within the line is achieved through the use of gold and silver elements that elegantly fit into the design. The visual complement of the logoblock is a stylized spikelet, which emphasizes the "wheat" vodka.

Vodka "Clean Tear" is produced in Cherkasy region of Ukraine - a region that is distinguished by its purity and environmental friendliness.
We suggested that the manufacturer take advantage of this fact and place an additional element on the label - a green die with the inscription "ECO-REGION VODKA". It would seem that a small addition, but as brand confidence is increasing, perceived quality is increasing in the eyes of consumers.