Brand creation

Creating a brand of whiskey "James Brothers"

The task from the Client was to create a brand of whiskey that would be affordable, understandable and at the same time arouse consumer confidence.
The creation began with the search for the brand name - simple, easy to read and which would resemble whiskey brands that are “by ear”, which was one of the requirements of our partner.
Among several proposed names, we stopped at the James Brothers, which, according to legend, has its own distillery “J.B. Distillery ”with its own tradition of creating strong alcoholic drinks.


Creating the design, we focused on the classic Irish style, which is characterized by traits such as tradition and softness.
Warm yellow background, emerald-colored elements, family coat of arms and wax seal "J.B. Distillery ”- all harmoniously combined into a whiskey from the“ Brothers James ”.
Label design can easily be adapted to new tastes, containers and bottle shapes.