Brand creation

Development of a new brand of hemp tincture

Don’t worry ! Be Happy Leaf!

“Is this legal?” Was our first question.
“Legally 100% !!!” - the Customer smiled in response.

To develop a brand of hemp tincture - this is exactly the task that a major producer of alcohol addressed to us, who at that time had only an idea for a drink and a bottle.
And we started growing .... oh! - create hemp brand.
It was immediately decided to focus primarily on the young target audience.
From the proposed names, a simple and understandable was chosen - "HAPPY LEAF".
The bright leaf of cannabis has become a central part of the label design, while attracting attention and communicating the essence of the product. For the names of the tastes, the regions most associated with cannabis were chosen - Amsterdam and Jamaica. The Dutch and Jamaican flags, stylized as postage stamps, created additional differentiation, preserving the solidity of the line.

Relax dude!

You are busy with your affairs, worries and problems. And you just want to relax, “disconnect and forget”, leaving all this fuss somewhere on the sidelines.

The idea of ​​the advertising campaign is based on the image of a guy who has already freed his "Mr. Hyde", threw off his office outfit and changed his shoes to comfortable slippers. He is already “on the slab” and invites you to join.

To activate “Happy Leaf” in the BTL channel, we developed the creative platform “Happy Oasis” (activation at the “Underhill” youth festival), as well as launched brand communication on social networks.