Brand creation

Creating a mid-price cider brand

Cider is a low-alcohol drink that is gaining incredible popularity among consumers! Its lightness, a wide selection of tastes - this is what made this drink so popular.
To develop a brand of a classic mid-price cider for the market of Kazakhstan - such a task was set for our agency.
Focusing on European style was one of the opening briefs.
At the naming stage, we proposed a number of French and English names and as a result settled on "Greenvill", which in our opinion with the client was the most successful.
The design of the line is made in soft and natural colors, on which large fruits stand out, clearly differentiating tastes
The classic "Greenvill" cider entered the market very successfully. After some time, the manufacturer decided on a vertical expansion of the line - a project that we also implemented, and which can be read in a separate block.