Premium line design development

"Greenvill" cider line extension

In the framework of cooperation with the "Issyk Wine" Kazakh winery, we developed a cider brand in the mid-price segment (this project is described in detail separately)
After its successful launch, the Client decided to expand vertically and set the task to develop the design of the high-price segment line - "Greenvill Premium"
For the premium line, our partner proposed a classic “champagne” bottle with a cork-type closure, which immediately increased its status in relation to the base line.
Unlike the classic line with its gentle and natural tones, large-scaled fruits, the design of the premium line is to a certain extent minimalistic, not overloaded, which is typical for more expensive products. At that time, we added chic and shine - the colors on the label “play”, the elements made with gold add richness
Remaining within the umbrella brand, the Greenvill Premium line looks bright and, at the same time, solid - as it should be an expensive product.