Design development

Balm Design for Nigeria Market

We didn't come to play!

An order was received from distant Nigeria to develop a design of a line of balms consisting of three flavors - citrus, cherry and chocolate on a bottle provided by the Client.

The brand name "CHATSWORTHY" and the slogan "We didn't come to play" were provided by the Client along with the wish to be present in the crown design.

About design

A key brand element of the design is a crown stylized as brush strokes and a slightly turned crown to which the brand's slogan is organically inscribed.

As a color scheme, two contrasting colors were chosen - black and gold. We also offered the Client a bold decision - to make the whole bottle black to decorate its simple form, create additional value and increase the perceived quality in the eyes of the consumer.

The design provides an opportunity for the further development of the line both “horizontally” (new tastes) and “vertically” (new segments).