Brand creation

CAMPINO - Italy's taste for a fun company!

Prosecco is rapidly gaining popularity.
This is not surprising: the game of bubbles, delicate taste and light elated mood, which it gives, create a holiday in any situation.
Fresh, bright, with a delicate aroma and pleasant taste, it, like a cheerful acquaintance, instantly raises the mood and is liked by everyone, without exception.
Having received the task of developing a new brand of this beautiful drink, we took up its implementation with pleasure.
Of the many proposed names, we settled on "Campino". Campino not only sounds beautiful, but also to some extent resembles the word "company" in the sound, setting a friendly, companionable mood.
The design turned out to be bright, elegant, festive, but at the same time minimalistic and concise, which is typical for the prosecco category. The iridescent label looks impressive both on the shelves of outlets and on the table.
Campino can be safely bought for the company, for fun picnics and home gatherings. Better yet, have a home supply in case you want a holiday right here and now.