Brand creation


For a major Ukrainian importer of alcoholic beverages, we have developed a trademark for Georgian brandy of the upper price segment.
Cognac was supposed to be bottled in Georgia and sold in Ukraine under its own brand.
First of all, we started naming. The task of coming up with a name without knowing the Georgian language is not so simple. We delved into dictionaries, got acquainted with the names of Georgian villages and cities, studied the names. And then at one moment the word Adamari appeared. In the dictionaries you will not find this word, we just came up with it (apparently a critical mass has accumulated). It sounds beautiful, in Georgian. The Georgians asked - what’s your word? They answered that it sounds in Georgian, does not translate, it seems like a surname. So the name appeared.


The design of Adamari is not overloaded and is made in the classic style for the category.

The basis of the composition is a cross with a Georgian ornament. For cognacs of different exposure, the colors characteristic of the cognac category were chosen - burgundy, black, gold.